Hesitation with the good ones.

Let’s catch up…. (Written from the iPad so excuse typos and any other issues.  I am tired.)

-the married guy that likes to flirt with me did so in front of his wife.  Supposedly they have an open relationship but it is still awkward.  Then he drops that they are talking divorce.  He is young and pretty and successful but married.  And I do not do married.  And quite frankly he is a 9.5 and I am maybe a 6.5.  If I lost 20 lbs I would be a 7.5.

-I met a guy.  He lives in my town.  He has a good job.  Not as successful as the married guy but a good job.  And we get along.  our senses of humor tend to match. We are comfortable and easy. Maybe too much so. We have been out 5 dates….

1) was at a piano bar (11/30) We drank and laughed. Moved on to a dive bar and drank more. It was fun. He was sort of cute. Tall. Nerdy. He kissed me as we left but it was cold so I bailed quickly.

2) I was pmsing and should not have gone. It was awkward. And I was a jerk. We ate Chinese and went to a local watering hole.

3). I think we spent 3 at my house drinking. We talked til past 1. He told me about his family and losing his dad and how his fathers affairs bothered him. He told me about his friend being killed. It was sad to hear but I preferred to hear his real voice….other than the one where he is joking around all the time. This was 12/6 and I was leaving town the next day for a week of vacation. Only vacation got fucked up and I went home Monday.

4) we got real. We popped out to some bars I think. We might have eaten. We went to walmart for a white elephant gift. Again we came back here. It was mid week. And he laid his cards out. He is into me. And he cannot read me (not the first time I have heard this). So I laid it out too…..I worry he will not be aggressive enough. This was our second very late night and he has barely kissed me in 4 dates. He does not touch me as we sit there. He says he gets it and he is trying to be respectful because he wants more than sex. Ok…..fine. He leaves after 3. Still no making out.

5) he wants to “do” something. We head to half moon bay. I tell him about the tide pools so we do that. I drop my phone in the ocean and it is fried. He then takes me to the ritz for cocktails by the fire pits. Things I love…the ocean….fire pits. And he gives me both while drinking $15+ cocktails. We sit at those fire pits for 5 hours. Blankets wrapped around us listening to the ocean, looking at the stars. It is likely the most perfect date I have been on in ages. Because it is exactly what I would want. Not what someone thinks I want, but what truly makes me happy. We were both more affectionate. He hinted he does not want us to see anyone else. I said I was not ready for that. But I get it. He is serious.

If we can figure out the chemistry I might be in trouble.


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