My last few weekends have been interesting.  Good times. Weird times.  I think the one thing I want from 2014 is for shit to stop being weird.

The weekend of the 16th I went to a wedding with an old friend.  His people.  Not mine.  I wrote this in a hangover the next day:

Old friend. He is 5 years younger. We had fun. Did not really mess around. But this morning he pats my belly and says “this is reserved for me”…meaning baby. Poor boy does not know that he does not make enough money. He is very sweet but has no idea how to pursue a strong woman. Some slutty wanna be stripper? Yeah, he is all about getting that shit and all the drama that ensues. But he has no idea how to get me.

His family was lovely and welcomed me to the main table with open arms. The wedding itself was not my style but the bar was open. He needs to move closer to his family. He needs to stop hanging with K who thinks he is a “playa” and start hanging with people who might not dress as well or have bling in their ears but are real people. Then he will find himself. It will be too late to get me but it will be the best thing he can do for himself.

Essentially, he told his family we are a thing.  As he left he said he wished he had pursued me more back in the day.  Only the guy made me pay for everything.  Dinner, cover at the bar, drinks.  Sigh….such a child.  If he was just a little more mature and together we would be perfect for each other.

This weekend was spent at a friends bday party.  [The same party I missed last year to go to Tahoe with UB.  And CG was SO shitty to me for missing].  This year, the party was super fun as we played CAH.  I had a really good time and came home pretty hammered. But I still do not regret missing last year!

Things are good.  I am positive about men.  I am excited for the holidays.  I am pretty happy.


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