The One that Got Away

Last summer I briefly dated someone amazing.  We had chemistry the moment he say down which led to me naked in his kitchen soon after.

But I was….an ass.  This man is successful.  He knows people who know people, ya know?  He has been asked to vacation at Bohemian Grove. His friends are powerful.  And I was out of my element.  How was *I* going to meet these people? So I made sure I wouldn’t.

Today, I was going to have blood drawn and I passed him.  I texted, he did not whose number it was.  Ouch.  I let is go.  But google told him.  And a little while later he asked me to lunch.

It was a little awkward.  But good I think.  We talked about lots of stuff.  And when I told him I always date the same guy he asked if he was the same guy.  I said I did not think so.

I am not sure I will ever hear from him again.  But it was nice to open a door I thought was closed.

He looked good.  Thinner.  And I still really like him.  I was a little touchy but he was not touchy back.  But that is ok.

Onwards.  What will be will be.


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