The New Me

I am almost 40.  112 days until my birthday.  But change is already on the way.

It is time to take control.  Of my relationships.  Of my work, money, investments (as in GET SOME).

I am working on a 16 week program about my business that will hopefully flip things over to me versus my mom (who is my partner).  I am trying to get systems in place.  And ONE database (vs addresses on a spreadsheet, emails in my email and phone numbers in my phone).  And this company is actually about goals in all aspects of your life.  So I am thinking big.

This morning I was writing my goals out.

-Lose 15 pounds by my bday.

-Close 5 more deals this year and/or net another $40K (I think this is do-able)

-Have 8 deals in pipeline for 2014 Q1

-Fund my 2013 Tax account (currently at 50% – need another $4 to 6K) by 12/31/13

-Fund a “rainy day” fund (for bills that are not paid on a monthly basis like car insurance, my gym membership, etc and for months when the income is not paying the regular bills.)  $8000 [Ultimate goal is $20K so this is step 1]

-Have all my receipts in Quicken prior to the end of the year.

-After the other 2 accounts are funded (and all my bills paid for the year) start and fund a $5K account for an assistant.


I woke up with a plan for my bday.  I was going to rent a large house in a fancy beach town and have all my friends down for my bday and New Years.  But this morning I woke up thinking I want to spend it with my best friend.  She lives in the UK.  So, we talked briefly about meeting halfway.  I said New York.  She said Key West.  I think her idea is better.  So I am planning….


The Man came to get the rest of his stuff yesterday.  Drama ensued.  I left everything on the porch and texted him it was there.  He remembered one more thing which dragged me home to get it for him.

He then accused me on text of keeping the items so I would have another reason to see him.  Um….I was gone when you came this time, so…..

I did not read the text until late last night and I SCOFFED.  OUT LOUD.  I was very direct and a little bitchy as I was done playing nice.  I had been calm and had not called names or really said anything other than we needed to move on but the last text just did me in.

No response from him.  So, there.


FT stood me up.  Sort of.  Last time I saw him he wanted to get together last night.  I have not heard anything since the day after seeing him, and I woke up with a huge zit so I did not contact him.

He is not my savior.  He has a gf.  I will NOT be the consolation prize again.  I will not do it to myself.

And that is another reason I did not push it.


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