Moping and other 3-day weekend fun

I was supposed to be out of town for 4 days with The Man.  He went on our vacation (early) anyway, skipping the therapy appointment.

I decided to work most of the weekend.  I went to a client’s party Saturday, showed a house, and went to a family dinner.  Sunday I worked an open house.  And then I stayed up WAY too late reading a good book.  That book had me sobbing which I think I needed.

Today I went to an antiques fair, came home to put pj’s back on and work and mope from the couch.

I am not missing The Man.  I am missing everything I gave up for him.  My friends that I have drifted from, my workouts, me.  I miss me.  I am loving being alone in my house, with my cats, just doing whatever I want.  Watching whatever I want.

The muggy, cloudy afternoon fits my mood perfectly. I am muggy and clouded.  I cannot force a good mood.  I need to not be near people right now.



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