Do you like complicated women?

I am watching some rom com or something and that was a line.  “Do you like complicated women?”  And I think I am going to ask everyone I might possibly date that.

I have not heard a peep from The Man since Thursday when he decided to go to Tahoe instead of therapy with me.  I am not feeling like contacting him.  I am slowly putting the house back together.  I will have to contact him eventually to pick up his stuff.

I am making some changes.

I never wanted to live an accidental life.  I have plans.  I would like someone to make plans with me, but if not, I am forging ahead.  I am going to be very careful who I surround myself with.  I am going to put lots of good stuff in and keep the bad out.  I am going to go slow.  I am going to read.  And I am going to write.  I am going to think about what I want.  And I am going to own what I have to offer and stop worrying about what I see as my faults.  I am going to learn to state a want and a need and stick by them.  I am going to take care of me.

And maybe, someday, I will meet someone else who wants to take care of me, too.


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