The challenge

Post #3

Why is the formatting on the last post so screwy?

In light of our talk about the future, I threw down a challenge.  21 nights of sensual….whatever.  21 nights of trying to be close to each other emotionally and physically.  Think of something and make it happen.

He went first.  Massages.  He went big out of the gate.  And proceeded to give me a massage that was not that different from the one I paid $165 for a few weeks ago.  Both of us, all oiled up, relaxed.  It was so good.  So, so good.

Today was my day.  I am not very imaginative so I had hoped I could ask for easy and pull out larger guns this weekend.  I was hoping we could just watch what he wants, without clothes, wrapped around each other.

Only I got home and he was in a piss poor mood.  So I have thrown it all out the window.

Shrug.  I guess we will see how his mood is when he comes to bed.


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