1 paragraph a day

Someone I read is doing this.  I thought I might try, too.  I used to NEED to write.  And I probably still do, it just gets put on the endless to do list and forgotten as most “luxury” items are.  It took me 2 months to get a pedicure.  TWO months!  Ugh!

Let’s call today #2 since I posted yesterday.


We had a big chat last night.  Instigated from an email I sent which was in response to comments in an argument we had last week.

I told him he is right.  I am not 100% in.  And I told him why – I am not willing to waste the last years of my “youth” (heh, almost 40 over here) and the last of my dying eggs for anything less than what I want.

And I laid it all out – what I want in a partner, what I want from my life, that it is time I admit to myself I DO want to get married and I *might* want  a kid.  And if we are not on the same page then please let me go.

He went through it all point by point.  He does fit.  And he wants what I want.  Or mostly.  He did not say he would get married again.  But I also told him it bugs me that after 3 years they are not divorced and he has had the paperwork for months, so file already.  Apparently, she now has the paperwork.  So it is back in her hands.

I would think I would be ecstatic.  But I am not.  I am still pondering.



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