Stress and other drugs

Written July 10


I am running out the door in moments for a girls getaway.  Spa, wine, gossip, games.  I NEED this.  I need it more than I have needed anything.

The Man is….homeless.  Long story but through lack of planning and horrible communication with his family I am now housing The Man and The Dog.

I like The Dog.  I like him a lot.  This home is not a dog home.  My cats have been locked in a bedroom for 4+ days.  They are not happy.  The dog does not like to be alone in the yard.  So the smelly beast has destroyed my screen, my fence and my fucking sanity.  He has bled on the carpet, gotten the bedskirt dirty, and generally stunk up the place.  The Man sees no reason to bath him.  My fingers are dirty when I pet him so I took a wet towel and tried to wash his head the best I could.

Again – I LIKE the dog.  I do not like The Man’s attitude that dogs are dogs and do not need to be cleaned or neutered.

Anyway, as I spot-bot my carpet, I am having a fucking melt down.  The fence is really what pushed me over.  And the barking.  The other night the dog barked at 2:40…so I am up.  And then just as I am about to fall asleep The Man’s alarm goes off at 4:50.  He does not need to be up until closer to 6. He had also left the TV on so I woke up sometime before 2 and had to tell him to turn it off.  At 5 I went to sleep on the couch and again, as I fall asleep he wakes me up.  And I lost my every loving mind.  I mean LOST. MY. SHIT.

I think that was Monday.  Come late Tuesday I get a flare up of a chronic illness that I have.  The flare up is from stress.  And I have not had a flare up in almost 3 years.  So, I am pretty freaking stressed.

Today is Wed.  And even though I slept ok the last two nights, I am just at my wits end.  I am snippy and exhausted and overwhelmed.  I am crying.  As I am about to leave town, I am sobbing on my couch.  Because he is making ME tell him to house the dog elsewhere.


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