Second chances

The Man and I had a very rough week, that week we broke up.  I was resolute.  And I caved.

We texted after meeting that night 10 days ago.  And we stated we would do better if the other person would try to do better.  I cannot remember the next time I saw him, I think we went to the fair.  He was trying.  I was PMSie and standoffish.  I think we had sex and it was sweet.  It was not fucking any more.

And from there it moved quickly again.  He is coming here, I am spending nights at his place (which I could not do before).  And he IS trying.  And he is trying to be the man I deserve.  Which is not to say he is being someone he is not – he is just finally seeing things through my eyes.

We are trying not to fall into old patterns – trying to talk more, react less.  Things are stressful.  He needs to find a place to live….um….TODAY.  And it looks like he needs to rehome his dog to do so, which is heartbreaking.

Last night I needed a night alone.  He is being clingy.  I tend to date men that are more needy than I am (probably a good thing as two uber independent people will never really connect).  And I am trying to soothe him while still being true to myself.  *I* need time on my own.  I need to recharge in the ways I recharge – he cannot change that and I am not going to allow him to guilt me into ignoring that part of myself.


The ex – I think he pulled his page because he lost his job.   Wow.  That blows.


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