Ending things

Ah….the break up chat.  So easy in the beginning.  So hard when they are walking out of your life forever.

He held me at the end.  Like he has has not held me in awhile.  Knowing it was the last time.  As I told him I loved him and I am sorry it did not work out.  And he would not let go.  And I did not want him to.

And I sit here alone.  Sobbing.  Feeling empty.

I am not scared to be alone.  I am good at that.  But the man who showed up today is the one I fell in love with.  And I realized those were the arms I wanted to feel safe in.  And I did tonight.  And I want to forever.  Because no one else makes me feel like that when they hold me.  They never have.

Fuck this hurts.


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