Moving past

This week sucked.  The Man and I have been prickly towards each other.  There has been little affection, lots of snippy remarks and lots of hurt feelings.

We had it out Friday night.  I mean HAD IT OUT.  And no resolution.

His issues with me: He does not feel like I put him first.  He feels like we spend too much time not focusing on the other.  He wants more quality “us” time.

The next morning still not so great.  But we both decided to put it behind us and move forward.

I spent the day cleaning up the yard.  He spent the day relaxing as he was not feeling well.  We crawled into bed in the very early evening and just curled up together to take advantage of the free HBO weekend.  He held me and rubbed my back.  I leaned on his chest.

He even said our days are so much better when we are affectionate with each other.

This morning I curled up around him.  I got up to pee and ovulated – the sharp pain in my pelvis making me suck in my breath.  We messed around.  And he had his hands everywhere just like I like it.  We did not have sex.  We tried, but he tried something new and the position was not comfortable.  And when he realized it he lost his erection.

God, I just want to get laid.


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